The Living Truth Fellowship

How About Some “Civil” Government?

August 1, 2017

Genesis 9 shows us that civil/political government was God’s idea, so as to promote freedom, prosperity, justice, and peace. His underlying goal was that wicked people could not stop God’s people from proclaiming His Word. By definition, “civil” has to do with citizens, and today it also means “not deficient in common courtesy.” Certainly God intended government to be far more “civil” than it has been for 6000 years.

In this teaching we will look at pertinent excerpts from Jeremiah, a prophet faithful to preach God’s truth despite opposition from government authorities. Some excerpts from Isaiah will show us what the perfect government looks like, and a few brief sections of Acts 4/5 will highlight the courage of our first-century brethren to proclaim the saving grace of God’s Word whether or not it was “legal."

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