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Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet

August 15, 2019

Do you remember your youthful family car trip(s) when you voiced those words? I’m guessing that the more you matured, the less often you asked that—partly because you came to realize how far the trip was and how long it would take. But mostly because as you matured, you developed increasing patience. Thus, we see is that patience—the ability to WAIT with eager expectancy—is tied to HOPE (the promised destination), and Hope is based upon our view of the character of the Promiser.

As per Hebrews 11:6, God is The Rewarder. Our trust in Him stems from the depth of our relationship with Him. That’s one reason why Satan’s primary goal is to besmirch God’s flawless character. Many of us are “control freaks,” but not God, despite contemporary Christian teaching. He never manipulates us, because His true love honors our free will, and He seeks to help us trust and obey Him. What current situations in your life are opportunities for you to apply these keys?

John Lynn will unpack some comforting and encouraging verses regarding what to do in agonizing circumstances when you may see no clear course of action.

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