The Living Truth Fellowship
Main Event: Logos Versus Muthos

Main Event: Logos Versus Muthos

September 5, 2019

In Acts 17, while hanging out at Athens waiting for his pals Silas and Timbo, the apostle Paul encountered a gaggle of Greek philosophers who spent most of their time “listening to the latest ideas,” not unlike many people today. The way in which Paul masterfully presented God’s Truth to those steeped in paganism and godlessness gives us some keys to doing likewise in today’s increasingly “post-Christian” culture. We too are called to “contend for the faith” against competing ideologies designed to obscure the true Word of God.
This Wednesday, John will tie together this record with that in Acts 25/26 when Paul appeared before King Agrippa to plead his case, as it were. Once again, his testimony focused on the Resurrection of Christ, and was precise and provocative. In conjunction, John will share a few very pertinent excerpts from the ONE GOD & ONE LORD book about how God has made Himself knowable and not mysterious.

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