The Living Truth Fellowship

Jesus Christ: God’s Promise/Keeper

May 1, 2014

The One True God is the God of PROMISE, and His Word is filled with "exceeding great and precious promises." Jesus Christ is God's greatest promise, and he alone would determine whether any of God's other promises to Israel would come true.

The future fulfillment of all those promises of God in the Hebrew Scriptures was riding upon the Son of Man's free will obedience to the blueprint for his life that God laid out for him from Genesis to Malachi. Every prophecy about what the Messiah would do, first as the Lamb of God and later as the Lion of Judah, was dependent upon Jesus choosing to obey God's "Master Plan" step by step.

And unbeknownst to Jesus, God's then-hidden-and-now revealed promises to the Christian Church also hinged on his willingness to walk the full length of the valley of decision. This teaching magnifies the unparalleled heroism of The Man who was The Plan because The First Man ran, and it will enhance your love for the Lord and your desire to be like him.

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