The Living Truth Fellowship

Keep Running – The Beginning Is In Sight

January 9, 2020

Well, it’s now 2020, which begs the ocular question: What is your VISION of yourself and your ministry in the Body of Christ? Do you see yourself doing great things with the Lord this year? In this initial WWF teaching of the new year, John will take us to a number of relevant and provocative sections of Scripture, including 1 Kings 19, the record of Elijah temporarily losing his vision of who God made him to be and what God would do in working with him. God reminded him of the Big Picture, which is something each of us must keep in view.
With regard to God’s promises to mankind, Jesus Christ is how He “put it in writing,” so to speak. Or rather, how He put writing in flesh. But He had to have Jesus’ total commitment to His will. God made a request of His Son, and also many promises to him, chief among which was that He would raise Jesus from the dead. Because our Lord embraced the will of God, all the way to the Cross, ALL THE PROMISES OF GOD are wrapped up in him. Chief among those promises is his coming for us, which will not be an end, but the BEGINNING of something beyond our expectation, and without end.

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