The Living Truth Fellowship

The Book of Acts: “Jesus, and the Resurrection”

August 1, 2017

A recent Gallup poll showed that we live in a post-Christian society. Apparently, most people don’t think that Christianity is relevant to their lives. That is not surprising, given the many confusing notions that now pass for Christian doctrine. Christianity is supposed to be a vital relationship between Christ and you, but too much of it has been turned into a religious system, a bland philosophy, a collection of fables that make no sense.

But what if people could find a true hero, and one who loves them? What if they could find a genuine leader whom they could follow passionately? What about a BEST FRIEND? What about someone who is all of that and more—and who conquered DEATH? And what if that formerly dead man promised victory over man’s mortal enemy and glorious everlasting life to anyone who simply chooses to follow him? Let’s go to the Book of Acts for brief excerpts from 19 chapters and see if that is not what we find as being “The Good News.”

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