The Living Truth Fellowship

Balancing Grace and Truth

July 1, 2016

John 1:18 says that “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” How so?

How did Jesus Christ, despite the constant pressure on him as the Redeemer of mankind, so magnificently exude the love of God in such a way that all kinds of people were drawn to him, including many who were spurned by society, and even by the religious establishment?

Jesus was more aware than anyone about the extent of evil in the world and the spiritual battle raging around him, and he also felt the pain of humanity far more than we do now, yet he didn’t allow that to bum him out or distract him from his mission of passionately loving people one at a time, no matter how often they disappointed him. How did he do that?

What are the keys to living in the moment like he did, being unhurried and deliberate in our interaction with people? How do we balance a precise awareness of the spiritual battle with being a light in the world? How do we empathize with people like our Lord did, and touch their hearts with God’s Truth we have been given? Join us for some answers to those questions.

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