The Living Truth Fellowship

Be A Christian Wage Earner

June 1, 2015

We are still in the beginning of a new year, and such notable progressions of time should give us pause to “examine ourselves” as per 2 Corinthians 13:5. YOU are the ONLY YOU God has. Satan knows who you are IN CHRIST, and relentlessly tries to minimize your vision of your life. Conversely, the Lord Jesus has a personal curriculum of growth for you, and all he needs is for you to give him your whole heart and let him cherish it, which he will.

When we read the words of Paul, we clearly see his constant focus on the Hope of Christ’s appearing, and the REWARDS Jesus would give him. Always remember that our Hope is not only everlasting life in Paradise, but also the REWARDS we will receive for how we lived after we were born again. This teaching exposits some key verses about REWARDS, and shows what we first need to do between our ears in order to earn them.

To be the kind of people we should be (2 Pet. 2:11), we must first THINK the thoughts of God, which of course come from His Word. Why? Because “thoughts are the seeds of our words and deeds.” To help us THINK ABOUT WHAT WE’RE THINKING ABOUT, we’ll unpack some verses about the battle of the mind, as well as others that give us motivation to live today for the Lord Jesus with a long-term vision of how he will reward us for so doing.

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