The Living Truth Fellowship

Be a Rock in a Hard Place

April 1, 2013

What is basically a simple word study of a few uses of “rock” and “stone” brilliantly displays the precision and cohesion of God’s wonderful Word and brings to light the central message of Jesus Christ, the main subject of Scripture. In the time of Old Testament Israel, God instructed the people to use rocks for a permanent memorial to an occasion of His deliverance, saying that the rocks would be a “witness” to them. But those rocks could not speak. Sad to say that as a nation called to be priests on earth, Israel did not speak for God. As Israel was hewn out of the rock of God Himself, so we Christians are hewn out of the Rock, Jesus Christ.

In this teaching, John Lynn will show the three biblical ways in which people can relate to Jesus Christ, who is “the stone the builders rejected,” but who is now “the chief cornerstone” of the Church. When all is said and done, what will be the legacy of your life? If you stand upon the Rock as a “living stone” and “cry out” about him, it can be a permanent witness to his love and goodness.

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