The Living Truth Fellowship

Belonging to The Truth: A Journey Through 1 John

July 1, 2016

Written in part to refute certain first-century Gnostic fables based upon their elevation of “what is falsely called ‘knowledge’” (1 Tim. 6:20), the apostle John’s epistles (we’ll throw in 2 & 3 John for good measure) are pregnant with practical principles, as well as critical doctrinal truth regarding the person of Jesus.

1 John is about internalizing God’s truth and relishing reality. It is about educating your conscience so as to recognize the sin that dwells within you. Rather than the air-headed Gnostic notions, too many of which are still present in traditional Christian theology, John repeatedly follows a statement of truth with the words: “This is how we know…” He shows us that godly LOVE is TRUTH in action.

It is also the only epistle that specifically mentions “the sin unto death,” which Jesus referred to as “blaspheming the Holy Spirit,” a sin that “will not be forgiven.” What is it? Tune in and find out.

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