The Living Truth Fellowship

Dealing With The Sin That Dwells Within

April 1, 2013

The circumstances of life for most people in this fallen world are indescribably bad, and if they do not know Jesus Christ, what hope do they have? As Christians, we are not exempt from such circumstantial challenges. The difference is that we have The Hope of everlasting life in Paradise with lots of great folks, and the daily hope that God and the Lord Jesus will help us surmount life’s obstacles.

BUT, as Romans 7:17 informs us, each of us has a MAJOR PROBLEM: ”…the sin that dwells within us.” HUH??? Yep, we each inherited Adam’s self-dominated sinful nature, and it is gross.

This teaching will show you how to “reckon the old man dead and walk in newness of life.” To deal with the sin dwelling in you, you must diligently dig into the cesspool of self in order to identify and then behaviorally root out the nuances of sin that are woven into the fabric of both your nature (genetics) and how you were nurtured.

But that is a terrifying challenge for those who want to like Jesus because the sin nature is indescribably ugly, and it is relentless in its attempt to dominate our lives. I will not face it, meet it head-on, and plow through it unless I am certain of my RIGHTEOUSNESS IN CHRIST.

Don’t miss this most practical sharing about WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST and the limitless grace of God in which you can live.

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