The Living Truth Fellowship

Defeating the Enemy Within

May 1, 2014

The sub-title for this powerful and practical teaching is, "Whoa is Me!" If you plan to hear it, fasten your seat belt, because it may be a rough ride. We'll be going into the blackened hills of the human heart, which, in its old nature, is "deceitful above all things." Not to worry, however, because our Guide and Trail Boss is none other than the Savior from sin, Jesus Christ.

Statement of problem: Something's wrong with me, and that something is SIN. The Lord Jesus has freed us from the penalty of sin, but not from its power. Recognizing the sin that dwells in me, facing it, and going through it by dying to self, is the only way to more abundant life.

Like the Bible, each Christian is "the story of two Adams." If I don't face the first Adam, I won't recognize my daily need for the Last Adam. Each of us must desire to get in touch with the nuances of sin that hide within us, and that can begin with the humble prayer, "Search me…"

Here are two poignant quotes we will examine:

"Rooted deep within us is an inherent antagonism to a redemption accomplished by deep humility rather than by power and glory."

"Apart from sin, we have nothing to be ashamed of."

Hope you'll come along for the ride.

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