The Living Truth Fellowship

God’s Promise to Heal Our Land

May 4, 2020

In this teaching Jon Touchstone explains how we live has a tremendous impact on the land. Currently our land is hurting and in deep need of God’s divine healing. The admonitions from God’s Word addresses the critical fact that the sin in our life as a nation has direct — and disastrous — effects on our health as a nation and as a global community.

The consequences of deliberate sin is rapidly spreading throughout our culture and the Church. It is time that believers in Christ intentionally humble themselves in prayer, and seek God’s face through obedience, allowing the blessings of God to flow from heaven to heal our land. If we are going to call on God to heal our land, to heal our nation, and to heal our communities, it is vital that we are also forthright in changing our ways before God as a nation.

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