The Living Truth Fellowship

God & Son, Inc.

August 1, 2017

God & Son, Inc is about the relationship between God and His Son, from the time that Jesus was an eventuality in God’s foresight, through each day of his life on earth, and until the Lord takes his seat on the final throne. It is in the life of Jesus that we most vividly see the “human potential” that we also have. We will examine the unique, fourfold structure of each of the four Gospels, and debunk some prevalent myths about modern day “Israel." And we will be enlightened by how God encouraged His precious Son step by step, all the way through the agony of the Cross. The intimate relationship that God and His Son developed and enjoyed is what sustained Jesus all the way to his last breath in the first of the three bodies God gave him. Now, our Father and our Lord will encourage us moment by moment as we walk in his steps.

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