The Living Truth Fellowship

Mortified By Death

March 1, 2012

Is the thought of death far and away the most repulsive thing you can think of? If not, you might want to re-consider your definition of that surprisingly misunderstood word. You might want to look more deeply into what GOD says about it, given that His favorite bumper sticker is the one we sell in our online store: DEATH SUCKS!

Jesus Christ was mortified by the thought of death, especially his own. That’s why he so agonized in Gethsemane. He realized that if he gave up his life and stepped into the bottomless abyss of death, he would no longer exist, unless God kept His promise to raise him from the dead. AND HE DID!

Early on, Satan offered mankind his definition of death: “No such thing” (Gen. 3:4). Sad to say, his original lie is “alive and well” in Christianity today, so much so that world-famous Christian leaders refer to death as a “graduation” or “going home to be with the Lord.” In fact, there is more “passing” going on at funeral parlors than in the NFL. Speaking of sports, athletic events often hinge upon which competitors’ dead relatives can provide them the most help, and you often see athletes pointing upward to thank them after a key play.

How and why does Satan’s original lie in Genesis minimize the accomplishments of Jesus Christ and dilute the glory of resurrection life? What are the practical consequences of believing that lie? How are the words “heaven” and “hell” used in the Bible? How does Hell actually freeze over? Join us for this enlightening and enriching teaching!

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