The Living Truth Fellowship

Pregnant With Promise

August 1, 2017

“In the beginning, God…” was alone. What His Word says that He did thereafter clearly indicates His passion for someone to love and collaborate with forever in the grand scheme of Paradise (“Garden of Delights”). This scintillating overview of what God has done so far, from creating and consulting with His Divine Council about how to renovate the original earth, all the way to creating the New Heaven and Earth, highlights the birth of His Son as the centerpiece of His relentless quest to overcome all opposition and bring to pass His original vision.

Despite rampant wrong teaching to the contrary, God decided to give us genuine free will, for love is not love unless we have a choice not to love. In so doing, He limited His control over planetary events so as to work within the framework of our choices. In Scripture, our Father bares His heart about His hopes and heartaches, His anticipation and disappointments, and He shows us His dynamic reciprocal relationship with Jesus during his earthly ministry.

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