The Living Truth Fellowship

Resurrection Revolution!

May 1, 2014

Statement of Mankind's Biggest Problem: DEATH. Solution: LIFE. Life begins with BIRTH. Birth begins with SEED. Jesus Christ is the Promised Seed. He is The Friend who came to deliver us from our mortal Enemy, DEATH.

By his free will choice to trust His Father all the way to the Cross, Jesus made it possible for God to raise him from the dead. Thus he became the first (and last—so far—there will be many more) man to conquer death. Jesus reversed the age-old pattern of life unto death. He started the "Resurrection Revolution," and he is recruiting other revolutionaries who want to follow in his steps.

Don't miss this "Christianity 101" teaching that explains why Jesus Christ had to die, and highlights the glory of what God did in breathing new life into his dead Son. The Word of God in this teaching will amplify your Hope of seeing your Lord face to face and being forever united with all those who have ever believed in him as their Lord.

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