The Living Truth Fellowship

Saved to Serve, Seated to Stand, Woke to Walk, Raised to Reign.

October 4, 2019

A subtitle of this teaching could be Grace Unto Works. Much of the controversy about whether salvation is permanent misses the point that BIRTH and GROWTH are two totally different processes, with the former really being a one-time event. God does not get us “out of the soup” (“death unto life”) just so that we can spend the rest of our lives circling the rim of the bowl and worrying about falling back in with the soggy crackers.

God wants all men to both get saved AND acquire a thorough, experiential knowledge of His Truth that we practice daily. He saves and equips us to effectually represent Him and the Lord Jesus in this world.

This teaching is loaded with inspiring truths about how God’s amazing grace should motivate us to unreservedly live and work for Him—and the guarantee we have that He will reward us for so doing.

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