The Living Truth Fellowship

Spiritual Growth

December 2, 2020

There are a variety of opinions on what it means to be spiritual, but it’s God’s Word that teaches this idea most clearly? To be spiritual means to walk in step with God, to be in unity with him so we can hear his voice. It is a peaceable, easy walk with the father. But like any relationship, it requires time to cultivate.
So much of the Scriptures compares our spiritual growth to the growth cycle of a plant. As with the plant, we need food, light, water and patience for that plant to grow into a mature, fruit-bearing tree. In this teaching, Jon Touchstone shares the parable of the sower and the four categories of ground – the seed which fell 1) by the wayside, 2) upon the stony ground, 3) among the weeds, and 4) upon good ground. God is responsible for our growth, but it’s our choice of what kind of ground we are.

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