The Living Truth Fellowship

Stretching for the Lord

April 1, 2013

Who’da thunk that looking at a little word in the Bible like “stretch(ed)” would result in one of the simplest yet most powerful teachings you have ever heard? You don’t want to miss this one!

Biblically speaking, “faith” means trust, and the Word shows that the more faith we have, the more God and the Lord Jesus can do with, for, and in us. So how do we grow in faith?

In this electrifying teaching, John Lynn parallels growing in faith to stretching our muscles. If we do not stretch to the point of becoming uncomfortable, we will never expand our comfort zone. Ditto for increasing our faith; we must follow the examples of our Father and our Lord, each of whom stretched to the point of agony for our sake, and get out of our comfort zone for the sake of someone else.

Faith is the simplest thing God could require of man. It is how we access His power, and it is how we stand against the onslaught of the Enemy. Your faith can grow to the point that you do the works that Jesus Christ did. So get ready to stretch!

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