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Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel

May 1, 2014

Paul’s priceless epistles to Christians in the ancient world were often born out of his having visited their city and spent time pouring out his life to them. As such, there is a rich connection between the historical account of his previous visit and the letter he wrote by revelation. Such is the case with the Acts 16 record of his first visit to Philippi and the epistle he later wrote to them. In this teaching, John Lynn exposits Acts 16 and the first chapter of Philippians, from which the title for this teaching is taken.

Acts 16 is Hollywood blockbuster movie material, loaded with one poignant and powerful incident after another. Reading it shows how Paul and the fledgling believers there built such a heartfelt bond between them.

Paul’s Christ-inspired epistle to the Philippians was to guide them back to the doctrine in Ephesians after their behavioral deviation from how they should act based upon who they are in Christ. He encourages them to pursue the lofty goal of working out their salvation by pursuing the kind of maturity that is available to all Christians but attained by relatively few.

Despite the fact that Paul wrote from a jail cell in Rome not long before his death, the subject of joy runs through this epistle like a golden thread. You will be greatly uplifted by this exciting teaching.

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