The Living Truth Fellowship

The Fab Five Keys to Your Spiritual Growth

September 1, 2018

In One Day With The Creator, Segment 22 (Parts 1-3) is titled Spiritual Growth: The Five Basics. According to God’s Word, those five basic habits each believer should build into his life are: prayer, reading/studying the Word, fellowship with other brethren, sharing your faith, material/financial giving.

Why does God want us excelling in these things? Because together they help us KNOW HIM and His Son—and that is the bottom line of life. The more we know them, the more we love them. The more we love them, the more we selflessly serve them. The more we serve them, the more fulfilled we are.

Interestingly, one particular Greek word ties together all these essential habits. That word is prothumos, meaning “forwardness of mind, readiness of mind, willing mind, predisposition, inclination, alacrity of mind.” Achieving this type of attitude requires effort, so that, in the face of everything from a crushed button on your shirtsleeve to a horrible tragedy, your first thought is, “I can’t wait to see how God will work for me in this situation!”

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