The Living Truth Fellowship

“The Gloves Are Off!”

September 3, 2020

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is crystal clear that our Adversary has racheted up his assault on mankind on a worldwide scale perhaps unlike anything the world has seen since Genesis 11. Actually, his target is the Word of God, as it has been since Genesis 3. In boxing, gloves are now used to lessen the injuries caused by the original bare-knuckle fighting. In the context of current events, to say that the “gloves are off” means that those opposing God, Christ, and us are going all out to hurt us—and we must meet their evil aggression with aggressive faith, i.e., trust in our great big wonderful God.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS this presentation of what God has to say about how and why we followers of Jesus Christ are persecuted, and how we should respond. Now more than ever, we Christians who know the depths of God’s Truth need one another. No doubt you’ve heard the burning coals analogy: if one is separated from the others, it rather quickly loses its heat, and its purpose. How on fire are you?

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