The Living Truth Fellowship

The School of Sorrow

May 1, 2014

Since God destroyed the Tower of Babel and scattered the people of earth into different languages to confound their attempt to establish a godless one-world government, there has been no universal language, at least in terms of words. But there is a universal language, that is, something via which every human being who is remotely in touch with reality can connect with and identify with in everyone else, and that is SORROW.

To the extent that we recognize that our new birth enrolled us in The School of Sorrow, and determine to learn the lessons available therein, we can and will progressively move forward to new grades of intimacy with our Lord Jesus, the Man of Sorrows, who speaks that language better than any of us.

Are you currently going through a challenging, difficult, horrible, or excruciating time in your life? Actually, you can't really answer that now, because the pivotal preposition in that question is through. You may currently be in the wilderness, tunnel, crucible, or hurricane, but it is yet to be determined whether you will go through it. Many people don't—they give up and fall apart en route.

Contrary to much teaching among Christians, it is vital to understand that trials and tribulations do not automatically produce fruit in our lives. The key is how we respond to those trials. We must meet the trials of life with aggressive trust in our great big, wonderful Father and our loving Lord Jesus. This teaching will help every Christian learn to do exactly that.

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