The Living Truth Fellowship

The “Smiley Face” of God

April 9, 2021

On Easter, Christendom celebrates the joyous Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The contrast between death and life cannot be more pronounced. Death elicits faces twisted in grief, and weeping, while the birth of a new life brings radiant countenances, and laughter.

The face is an essential element of every human relationship. Even God, to make himself known by men, had to reveal His “face” by way of His Son, Jesus Christ. He was his Father’s “genetic lookalike” because he flawlessly internalized the heart of God as found in His written Word and was thus the perfect image (face) of our Father.

What’s in a face? Each person’s rubbery kaleidoscope reveals a wide range of emotions – and the best thing about anyone’s face is his smile! The state into which mostly masked humanity has fallen during the Covid-19 furor has systematically “defaced” and dehumanized people and diluted the quality of countless relationships.

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