The Living Truth Fellowship

The Transformers Are Coming

April 1, 2013

In the 1980s, mechanical/robotic super heroes called The Transformers emerged in toys, comics, and movies. These fantasy heroes waged a never-ending war against evil. In this teaching, we’ll see that we Christians are the real Transformers, and that the battle we fight is real. It begins between our ears and plays out in our lives.

Because Jesus Christ went the distance for us—all the way through the Cross, and because God raised him from the dead, we are equipped with supernatural power. With our cooperation, the Lord will energize that power to transform us into his likeness so that we shine his light in this dark world. Our glorious hope, and our guarantee, is that he will one day totally transform us to be as he is.

We live between the grave and the glory. We are to be motivated BOTH by looking back to the finished work of Christ AND by looking forward to the Hope of his coming to rescue us from this present, evil age. NOW we are to live from the inside out, enduring short-term pain for long-term gain. Join us as we unpack many fabulous truths in the Church Epistles. You will be enlightened and encouraged.

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