The Living Truth Fellowship

The War on Error (Psychopaths and You)

July 1, 2016

This teaching will help you start your New Year with a real BIG BANG! In this new calendar year, each day will bring us closer to the appearing of our Lord Jesus to take us out of this wicked world. Why is it so wicked? Partly because about 5% of the population are psychopaths, who feel no empathy toward others, and thus remorselessly abuse everyone they can.

The raging spiritual battle is being fought for the minds and hearts of men. Our God, the Father of Truth, calls the enemy’s Commander-in-Chief “the Father of Lies.” In contrast, Jesus said, “I am the Truth”/”Your Word is truth.” “Spiritual warfare” is a popular term in Christian circles, but most folks don’t realize that Satan’s primary tactic is the promotion of error, i.e., wrong doctrine, as opposed to “sound” (hugiaino=healthy) doctrine, about which Jesus was a fanatic.

What was the theme of Jesus’ last written words to his Body, as set forth by Paul in Timothy and Titus? Why is God called “the Lord of Hosts” about 270 times? Why is purity a prerequisite for authenticity? Tune in January 6 to find out this and more.

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