The Living Truth Fellowship

We Uncover So God Can Cover

September 1, 2018

About 2000 years ago today, a relative handful of Christ’s followers, those aware of his Resurrection, were still in ecstatic shock as they pondered this earthshaking event and what it meant to them. Let us remember that Jesus came to solve man’s two-fold problem of SIN and DEATH, and to regain the Paradise that the first Adam had squandered. The sin that dwells within me is my basic problem, and in this teaching I want to bare my soul to you regarding one element of that problem. It may be that you can in some way identify with my challenge.

Perhaps you’ve heard the admonition, “Get naked before the Lord.” Easier said than done, as Adam showed us after he had become dominated by a sinful nature and went into the clothing business. Like our sinful predecessor, my strong tendency is to shift the blame and hide my sins from people, and (unconsciously) from God, which is ridiculous. The key: how to work with the Lord to get to the ROOT of the sin and annihilate it within me.

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