The Living Truth Fellowship

What Child Is This?

June 1, 2015

You may never have heard “the Christmas story” set forth like John will do it in this exciting exposition of the birth of Christ, one of The Top Five events thus far in His-story.

Do you have a child? If so, you can certainly remember when you found out you were going to be a dad. Then you had nine months of anticipation and preparation. The closer the time came, the more excited you were. Finally you heard your newborn child’s first cry, and your heart leapt with unspeakable joy. And when you first held that child in your arms, your heart overflowed with indescribable love for him. What about God and the birth of His Son? Rather than nine months, He had to wait 4000 years after He announced the upcoming birth of His Son. How excited do you think God was when He could finally send Gabriel to Mary? How excited was He during those last nine months? How did God feel on that September night when he heard the first cry of His only begotten Son?

When you first looked into the eyes of your child, what were your hopes, dreams, and goals for him? This baby was the Creator’s only opportunity to save His shattered dream of Paradise on earth. How much was He hoping that His namesake would decide to carry out the magnificent mission set before him? And yet how painful was it for God to anticipate what His Son would have to endure to accomplish that mission?

In chronological order, John will unpack the thrilling verses in Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 1 & 2 regarding the birth of our Savior. This teaching is guaranteed to touch your heart. Please join us this coming Wednesday evening.

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