The Living Truth Fellowship

Yo Adam, Thanks for NOTHING!

July 9, 2021

The subtitle for this teaching is Yo Jesus, Thanks for EVERYTHING! As you probably know, the Bible is the story of two men. The first man bequeathed to us an irreparable SIN nature that plagues us daily—that’s the problem. The second man imbued us with a DIVINE nature that gives us the potential, and the authority, to think and trust God like he did, to speak as he spoke, and to do the works he did—that’s the solution to the problem. Think about the cavernous contrast between how good and how bad a human being can become, in all categories of life—physical, mental, spiritual.

I have come to the conclusion that most Christians have a much lower opinion of themselves than God and Christ do. Perhaps you are in that category, along with me. As the saying goes, each of us is definitely “a piece of work,” but we can learn how to be “strong in the grace of God” and overcome the nagging sin that dwells in us. That is what this teaching is about.

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